Mistah J's Lover
~*~ Harley Quinn's ~*~
Mad Love

Just call me Harley or Tina.
I'm a 24 year old, bisexual female
In an open relationship.
2010 is the started of my DC obsession.
When I was a kid, My bro let me read a few random issues of Xmen but when he moved, I stopped. Years later, I got back into playing video games & brought
Batman: Arkham Asylum used.
BANG! POW! It hit me hard!!
I wanted to know everything about Batman and other DC characters
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Harley Quinn - Costumes.




My 1 Year Old Beatboxing Niece

Vine by iLLyNoiiZe


♤♣ Anthony Misiano as The Joker ♡♦


Candy cane shaped dynamite is SO Harley.


this fantastic ORIGINAL is my 5th one from the uber young and talented #sandradkang. I loves it. She would easily take over lil Gotham if she didn’t sleep in all day. all month. all year. thanks lazy Sandra :D

http://d00li.deviantart.com/gallery/825429/Featured ( more Sandra)


Friendly reminder that Harley was originally conceived as a female henchman to jump out of a cake because the joker doing it “would look too weird.” They ended up developing her into an awesome character with fascinating backstory, motivation, and relationship to one of the most iconic villains ever created, and had the Joker jump out of the cake anyway. I mention this because Harley is now often thought of as merely eye candy, but anyone who’s seen her in her properly written form knows better.


Artwork for Batman: The Animated Series single by Mondo


— Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad #1

This quote is my only favorite thing out of the New 52.


 Selfie game and subpar editing! Convention time with Harley and Ivy!!  


"My night was over. Arkham secured, Gotham saved, and all the rest of that heartwarming crap. And I? I was taken back again, like always. To rest, and to plan for next time." — Batman: Arkham City (Prelude) #1

My poor, precious, psycho prince.